The Call to Healing – What it Feels Like When Reiki Reaches Out to You

Holistic Healing CollageThe call to learn how to use Reiki is something that is different for everyone.  For some, a long-term interest often pushes them to take a course…maybe someone suggests it to them, or maybe they stumble upon a course that they’re able to participate in.  For others, they might have felt the need to be a healer of some type for their whole lives, and in the end Reiki is what spoke to them.

I have always had an interest in healing.  From the time I was young, I wanted to be a healer…at that time, I was more interested in nursing or becoming a doctor, but my life path clearly wasn’t meant to take me that way.  While this was disappointing, it was not the end of the world for me, as I knew there were other ways I could help people heal and use my gifts and compassion to help people feel as good as possible.

Reiki is something that had interested me for a long time, but I was never quite sure…what if I couldn’t do it?  Or what if it didn’t work?  What if I learned Reiki, and people felt nothing and complained, or felt that I had betrayed their trust?  All of these questions swirled around in my mind, and made me doubt myself.

Some time ago, I stumbled upon a Reiki course, and all the variables just…fit.  The price was something I could afford, parts of the course were online, so it worked with my hectic work schedule, the timing was right and I actually had the time and energy to spend on the course…it was perfect!

As soon as I started the course, I knew I was hooked, and that Reiki was something that would change my entire life.  I flew through my Reiki Level I course and absorbed as much information as I could, always reading ahead in the manual and devouring any other books I could get my hands on.  The same thing happened with Reiki Level II, and at the end of the course I was left certified and yearning for more.

This brought me to the question…was I ready to take my Master Level Reiki?  That would mean I would be a certified Reiki Master AND Teacher…the thought was mildly terrifying.  Me…a teacher?  It felt like too much power would be in my hands…what if I couldn’t do it?  What if I wasn’t worthy of the title of Shinpiden, Reiki Master?

After much hemming and hawing, I decided that yes…this was something I wanted to pursue.

And I’m so, so glad I did.

Becoming a Reiki Master has taught me so much…about healing, helping people, and most importantly – about myself.  This training has unleashed in me a passion for teaching, for sharing the gifts of Reiki, and helping people unlock the ability to share Reiki energy within themselves.

If you’re unsure of whether Reiki training is for you, please consider the contents of this article…Reiki can, and will, change your life.


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